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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Just gonna let the page speak for itself. But as always, I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Transcript Edit

Gavin Headshot
Hey, it's Maria and... uh...
Gavin Headshot
...Somebody else.
Chanel head shot
Don't worry. It'll work out!
Maria headshot
Rain... I...
Maria headshot
I want to say...
Rain headshot
Maria, I'm sorry!
Rain headshot
I don't know what I did to upset you, but whatever it is, I'm so sorry!
Rain headshot
I miss hanging out with you and I just want us to be friends again.
Maria headshot
Why are you apologizing to me? I was the jerk!
Maria headshot
And geez, you really missed me?
Rain headshot
You also still have my Kaminari, Volume 4.
Rain headshot
I'm kidding! I'm kidding!
Maria headshot
Ha ha! No you're not.

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