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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

The second page here is extremely experimental, but for obvious reasons, I didn’t want it to stand alone. And yet, I also didn’t want to leave it out. 

Thoughts on ANY part of this are entirely welcome. 

Transcript Edit

Heather headshot
If you do have some dark secret or something, it really is up to you discretion whether you want to share it or not.
Heather headshot
But I can tell you that if it seemed like there was some tension, it's just because Kylie wants to be a good friend and help.
Heather headshot
As for your other friends; well you just got a boyfriend, right? They may just think you're going to spend all your time with him and ignore them.
Heather headshot
Or maybe they feel slighted for other reasons. You are awfully pretty.
Rain headshot
Should I break up with him? I don't want my friends to resent me.
Heather headshot
Only if you want to. He's YOUR boyfriend.
Heather headshot
I mean, you don't have to answer me, but does he make you happy?
Heather headshot
If he does, things will probably just work themselves out.
Heather headshot
But you'll have plenty of time to think about these things AFTER your test. Keep focused, so you'll remember everything I taught you and beat the shit out of that math test like I know you can.
Rain headshot
Thank you, Heather.
Heather headshot
So, yeah... I'm pretty certain Rain's a dude.

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