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Author Notes Edit

All of the main cast is gathered, and it's established that certain people may know certain things. Something is about to go down.

Even I'm a little tense. ^_^

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
So, did your day get any better, Rain?
Fara headshot
Any more notes?
Rain headshot
I guess I got less notes as the day went on, but that doesn't necessarily make it a better day.
Fara headshot
Wanna talk about it?
Rain headshot
Not really.
Rain headshot
Oh my god...
Fara headshot
Oh, friends of yours? Why didn't you tell me?
Rain headshot
Not friends, per se.
Rain headshot
But based on those looks, I think there may be a chance they figured me out...
Fara headshot
Well, I hope you plan on doing something...
Fara headshot
...or else I'm giving you about 30 seconds to run as far as you can.

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