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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Oh boy. This should be interesting. We’ve never actually seen these two alone together.

Just a friendly reminder, Heather is a college student, so she will have taken and passed whatever math Rain is flunking years ago. For the sake of argument, we’re gonna say she majors in something math-related so that she’s legitimately good at it.

Transcript Edit

Rain headshot
Waah... I'm gonna fail math and I'm gonna miss out on meeting Chiaki Koizumi which would've been like a dream come true...
Rain headshot
My life su-hucks!
Rain headshot
Of all the possible feminine traits I could have, why did I have to suck at math!?
Heather headshot
That's just a crappy stereotype, Rain. I won't stand for it.
Rain headshot
Heather headshot
You aunt was telling me you've been asking around for a math tutor.
Heather headshot
So I offered to help.
Heather headshot
I'll make sure you don't become yet another negative and simply untrue statistic on womankind.

Links and References Edit

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