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Author Notes Edit

This is partly here to poke fun at myself for all of the kissing scenes that have been popping up lately. There is, of course, a more serious significance to it though.

Since the introduction of “RuIn” and the theme of “curing gay” has come up, there has been a great deal of concern voiced about what message I’m trying to convey with the comic's direction. There has been some misunderstanding, but I do want to make clear that I do not believe one can be “cured of homosexuality”, nor do I believe you can choose to magically stop being gay. As a transgirl and a lesbian (who has tried to stop being so in the distant past), I know full well how NOT a choice things like this are.

And that's just it. Sometimes, just like Maria here, we have to learn the hard way that we can’t we escape who we are.

Kinda feel bad for Gavin though. That might've been his first kiss, and she might barf... -_-

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
Kiss me...
Gavin Headshot
W-what!? Are... are you sure!?
Maria headshot
This window doesn't stay open forever. Do it now or don't bother.
Gavin and Maria kiss.
Maria headshot
I think I'm gonna be sick...!
Gavin Headshot
Wait. M-maybe we didn't do it right. I think we should try again!

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