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Now that I look at it, I wonder if this page was even necessary. I feel like all it really did was draw things out just a wee bit longer. Well, I guess it helps establish that Rudy’s not a complete jerk… hopefully…

I ended up changing the dialogue on this one a few times too. Maria’s final line, in particular, originally stated that she thought Gavin was being “emo” because “on the off-hand chance Rudy was right about Rain, he’d owe her ever more money.” As amusing as I thought that was, Maria did technically deny that bet. Plus, no matter how I worded it, it just never felt natural. So while a little funny, I don’t think I really liked the line at all. “I hope she slaps him” though, seems fitting to me… and is potentially still kinda funny.

 Transcript Edit

Rudy headshot
Dude. Just no. You can't do that. If it gets out, the principal might find out and he'd probably get expelled or something. And even if he didn't, he'd end up getting made fun of by everyone else
Rudy headshot
I mean, I only even told you guys, thinking this would stay between us...
Maria headshot
Or maybe - just maybe - you're both idiots and she's a freaking girl. you do realize how insulting of an insinuation that is, right? I mean, I'd be so pissed off if someone I barely know came up to me and suggested I was a guy.
Gavin Headshot
If you guys don't like it, you don't have to be a part of it.
Gavin Headshot
This is something I want to do for me anyway.
Rudy headshot
So... If Gavin WANTS to do this, why does he seem so emo right now?
Maria headshot
I don't know. This is odd behavior, even for him. Whatever. I hope she slaps him...

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