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Author Notes Edit

The first panel is actually one of my favorites in the whole comic posted so far. Gets me every time.

Other than that, not much else to say. We’re almost up to the climax of Chapter 1, so I hope everything is as exciting for you as it is for me. ^_^

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
Senior girl with a braid? You mean Rain? She's not a boy, Idiot! How can you even say that!?
Rudy headshot
Like I said before: 'cause I saw "her" Junk!
Maria headshot
You probably just saw what you wanted to see!
Rudy headshot
As if it's any different from your denial!
Maria headshot
Or maybe it IS your old buddy! Wouldn't that just be totally messed up?
Gavin Headshot
It couldn't be. I mean, I guess there is SOME resemblence. But it's more likely she's a cousin, right?
Gavin Headshot
Although she does have a strange voice.
Gavin Headshot
And she did seem a little uncomfortable when I mentioned Ryan...
Gavin Headshot
How about this? I'll just ask her directly.
Gavin Headshot
And then we'll know for sure.

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