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We slow things down for a moment to catch up with Fara and her date, Colin. It’s worth noting that when I was scripting this, I had about four or five different possible occupations for Colin. The one I went along with is probably the most unusual one, but hey, it works.

There are LOTS of references here. The “pretty major projects” he mentions are all spoofs on real titles. I had a bunch more, but these were the ones I liked the sound of best. Furthermore, Colin’s job itself is a little more subtle of a reference. CFX Video is a shout out to an older anime distributor from the late 90s to early 2000 called ADV Films (the name comes from moving every letter forward twice). I will be amazed if anyone caught that one before I mentioned it though. 

But thumbs up and a pat on the back if you did catch it on your own.

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