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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

I want you all to know I was WAY too proud of this page’s title. Just try to imagine me patting myself on the back to get the maximum satisfaction from your inevitable facepalm.

Anyway, it’s worth noting that we’re about 17 pages into this chapter, and this is the first appearance of Emily’s lackeys, Debbie and Holly. This was actually accidental. Even when I was writing the script, it dawned on me that I’d gotten pretty far into the chapter and two of the more important secondary characters still hadn’t made an appearance. Do I go back and squeeze them in though? Pfft, no! I run with it! Someone’s ALWAYS late to the party. Always!

Also, Debbie’s situation with her misinterpreted costume is inspired by yet another real life Halloween event. The year I went as a dark angel like Rain (two years ago, I think), the party was filled with a lot of people I didn’t know. One such miscellaneous person started making a big deal over the fact that there was a “tranny” at the party. I freaked a little; they had to be talking about me. But then people walked right by me to a genetic woman who happened to be very tall and broad-shouldered and dressed as a flapper. I felt bad for her, ‘cause she was pissed (quite reasonably, I’d say). Yet, I take my victories where I can, and I do think it’s kind of hilarious that even with the idea that there’s a tranny at the party, I wasn’t the first one suspected… actually, I wasn’t suspected at all. ^_^

So, Rain’s kind of the middle of this little story, simply overhearing one of many keywords that could make her night any worse than it already is. But let’s be honest; isn’t there someone else at this party a bit more fitting of the term “dragqueen”…? ;P

Transcript Edit

Emily headshot
You guys are late.
Emily headshot
And are you seriously just wearing your cheerleading uniform? That's not even a costume.
Holly headshot
It's not?
Debbie headshot
I told you!
Chase headshot
And what are you?
Debbie headshot
A flapper. You know, from the 1920s?
Chase headshot
Oh, geez. I'm sorry.
Debbie headshot
For what?
Chase headshot
See, I thought you were supposed to be a dragqueen. Woundn't be the first one...
Chase headshot
See, I thought you were supposed to be a dragqueen. Woundn't be the first one...

Links and References Edit

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