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Maria introduces herself to Rain. Rain express gratitude that Maria is 'someone who's NOT trying to ask me out'. This makes Maria uncomfortable.

Maria then tries to change the subject, asking Rain why she came to St. Hallvard's. The real reason is so that Rain could start presenting as female in a new school. However, Rain gives a cover story about her and her aunt 'needing a change of scenery.'

Rain then asks Mara why she is here. Maria is at the school because her parents hope that her homosexuality can be 'cured'. She understandably does not wish to tell Rain this, especially considering Rain's earlier 'not trying to ask me out' remark. Maria is struggling for an answer when Gavin jumps in the conversation, saving Maria from having to answer, and Maria thinks "I've never been so happy to be interrupted...."

Author Notes Edit

Gavin and Maria, once again so close to the truth, and yet so far. Rain’s compelling response to Gavin’s question (ie. - running the hell away) has helped to keep her secret safe for the time being, but was that really the best move?

I have to be honest. I’m not crazy about this page. Looking back, I think I could’ve probably condensed this page and the last page into one to make things move along a little quicker. But then I’d have had less time to establish foreshadowing for Maria in the last page, and Rain’s fear of discovery on this page. Okay, so maybe condensing isn’t quite what I’m looking for, but I still feel like I could have done better with these two pages.

Transcript Edit

Rain headshot
Maria headshot
We're in the same homeroom so I thought I'd say "hello".
Maria headshot
It's Rain, right? I'm Maria.
Maria headshot
I wasn't sure if you were having any trouble making friends or not so I thought I'd formally welcome you.
Rain headshot
Actually, it IS kinda refreshing to be spoken to by someone who's NOT trying to ask me out.
Maria headshot
So, uh... what brings you to St. Hallvard High, Rain?
Rain headshot
My aunt and I needed a change of scenery, mostly. Then she got hired here as an art teacher, so this is where we came.
Maria headshot
Yeah, I don't blame you for just wanting to get away.
Rain headshot
How about you?
Maria headshot
You mean... why am I here...?
Gavin Headshot
Hello, ladies!
Maria headshot
Never thought I'd be so happy to be interrupted...

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