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Hurray for twofers. The first page could’ve probably stood alone just fine, but I wanted that last part in there. The script I pre-wrote seemed to think I could contain this whole thing in one page (silly me). But stubbornness wins in the end as I force it all into one update… regardless of how time constrained I’ve been lately.

There’s a LOT to comment on in these two pages (up to and including that we learn quite a bit about Chase), but let’s focus on the most important thing… the possible previous meeting of Rain and Chase.

I’m sure we’ve all been in both situations, actually. One: you know you met someone before but can’t quite place where. Two: they recognize you, but you don’t know them. Both can be crappy situations. The latter can be especially crappy hoever if you’ve only recently begun presenting yourself publicly with a different identity.

Today I thought I’d wrap my blurb a little differently by summing up the chapter so far. I think if anyone’s confused, this might help clarify the end of the second page: Kylie knows something’s up. Chase might know something’s up. Rudy’s a danger to her passability. Emily fudging hates her for completely unrelated reasons. And Maria’s nowhere to be found (and Gavin’s mingling, I guess). All this in a crowded party that she will require a ride from Kylie’s closed-minded sister to get away from (with, no doubt, a questioning Kylie in the car with her). In other words, Rain’s life sucks right now. 

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