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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

This is also based (loosely) on actual events. About six years ago, before coming out to my friends, I went as a “girl” for Halloween (to test the waters and see how accepting they’d be). Apparently, I passed so well, that a friend of mine didn’t even recognize me and proceeded to flirt unknowingly. Though I was certainly flattered and pleased to know I passed so well, I felt obligated to kind of point out who I was to him. I probably COULD have played along for a little while, but was afraid that might turn sour later if I did. 

To this day, that remains one of my more interesting trans experiences…

Transcript Edit

Drew headshot
Excuse me, miss. I seem to have lost my phone number. I don't suppose I could borrow yours?

Aidyn and Madison are shocked. Rudy looks sly.

Ruby headshot
Looking for a good time, sailor?
Madison headshot
Oh, god...
Drew headshot
Yeah! I sure am! I...-
Ruby headshot
Sorry. I thought you were serious your costume is looking a little...

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