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Man, Rudy’s just batting a thousand these days… -_-

Anyway, we jump ahead a little bit to the weekend (they really are going to this party eventually, I swear!) as Kylie at last meets the group for costume shopping, just as Rain promised. As per usual though, things take no time in getting awkward. 

This might sound strange, but I like this page a LOT simply because this is the first time we really see the four main characters hanging out together as friends… and well, Kylie who’s coming to the forefront more than even I initially expected. 

The joke here was actually kind of haphazard. In my head, I imagined Rain trying to beat around the bush with Pig Latin, just in case Kylie was trying to overhear (not that anyone’s ever been fooled by Pig Latin). It was a funny coincidence that I didn’t anticipate that it came out with the word “gay” tacked on at the end. So, this actually worked better as a joke because it worked worse as a concealment plan. Hell, I can’t even remember the original punchline anymore. I love it when things accidentally work out like that. ^_^

As a final note, just in case not everyone’s familiar with Pig Latin - Pig latin

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Staturday - the mall

Rain headshot
Hey, guys!
Rain headshot
This is my neighbor, Ky, that I told you about.
Rain headshot
And he doesn't know about my secret, so ixnay about my, um... ender-gay...
Rudy headshot
What? Wait.. Who's gay?
Rain headshot
Okay, I suck at pig latin. Just don't talk about my condition.
Gavin Headshot
Of course. Why didn't you just say that?

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