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Rudy really seems to be rather level-headed about the abuse he’s received. But he also knows that if Maria gets involved, like Gavin said, she probably WILL end this Todd guy.

She has a name though now…

Food for thought: Is Maria doing the right thing by protecting her brother against his wishes, or should she back off? If you were in Maria’s shoes, how would you handle this situation?

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
So, are you happy now?
Rudy headshot
Yeah. I mean, I can't CRASH the party now, but I'm glad I'm welcome.
Maria headshot
I don't suppose you could tell me what happened to your eye then? You know, to return the favor.
Rudy headshot
I told you. I fell.
Maria headshot
Yeah. Onto someone's fist. Who did it to you?
Rudy headshot
You know what, Maria? It's really not your problem. I don't need you fighting my battles for me. Any of them. I'll take care of my own bullies. And I would've gone to the stupid party anyway. Invited or not!
Rudy headshot
stomp stomp stomp
Gavin Headshot
Todd Bittner.
Gavin Headshot
But you didn't hear that from me.

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