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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

This is kind of a tangential gag page. It’s mostly here to set up the next few pages, but truthfully, it’s not crucial at all. In fact, I REALLY considered cutting it out completely for a while, because I felt like the joke didn’t work as well on paper as it did in my head (or in real life, incidentally)…

…except I admit that I didn’t want to pass up on this rare opportunity to use Holly and/or Randy. XD

Er-hem. So, uh… take this page how you will.

Transcript Edit

Maria headshot
Why hasn't my brother gotten an invitation to Emily's party? Is he purposely being overlooked because he's gay?
Holly headshot
Um... not as far as I know, no.
Holly headshot
But I can give him one next time I see him. I mean, I don't mind. I love gay people!
Maria headshot
You... what...?
Holly headshot
They're so funny!
Maria headshot
I have this one uncle who's got a gay roommate, and he is just hilarious!
Maria headshot
They do share a bed though. That's kinda weird...
Maria headshot
Um... Holly... I think your uncle is...
Maria headshot
No. Nevermind.
Maria headshot
Never tell her. The truth would break her feeble mind beyond repair.
Randy headshot
 :nod, nod:

Links and References Edit

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