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Although any LGBT kid probably wishes they had Aunt Fara for a parent, the fact is that most of us are stuck with ones like Mr. and Mrs. Strongwell here. Honestly, even as fictional characters I’d created to play the of role of unaccepting parents, they still frustrate the hell out of me. I just can’t figure out which would be harder to deal with: their overcritical father or their ignorant mother. 

Rudy displays a rare moment of weakness here. And yes, it’s not over getting beat up. It’s the fact that not only did he not get an invitation to the party, he didn’t even know about it until Gavin brought it up to him. Surely his parents aren’t helping either (at least Maria tries to help). Some readers might find this strange and that he has his priorities mixed up. Not so much. Rudy’s just the type that has an easier time dealing with physical pain than emotional pain. Neglect and feeling outcast can be especially damaging to a teenager.

But is it really just a case of kids being uncomfortable with him like his dad implies? Or was Emily and her posse just unable to find him when they were passing out flyers.

On a lighter artistic note, yes, I am very much aware that the table is oddly tall. I didn’t notice how much until I actually colored it. I do plan on fixing it, but not just now.

Also, I originally planned to have a field day with the newspaper their father is reading, but space constraints did not allow it. I wanted to sneak in the reference headline: "Mysterious department store blackout caused by mouse." just to see how many people would get it. Not that it bears any significance to the story; I just like making references. ;P

Transcript Edit

Donna headshot
So, how was school today?
Maria headshot
Awesome! Emily's having this Halloween party that everyone's invited to!
Rudy headshot
Yeah. Except me...
Donna headshot
Rudy! Your face!
Rudy headshot
I just fell. I'm fine.
Maria headshot
You didn't get an invitation? Why not?
Norman headshot
You know, Rudy. The other kids probably just don't feel comfortable and don't want to party around someone who's gay.
Maria headshot
OR there are a lot of kids in our school, and I doubt they could get to everyone just today.
Donna headshot
Besides, Norm. We don't use the "g-word" in this house, because there's no one who fits that description, remember?
Donna headshot
Now, hold still, Rudy!
Rudy headshot
Gah! I said I'm fine, mom! It doesn't even hurt anymore!

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