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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Neither Rain nor Kylie have very good “transceivers”, apparently. But then, it’s already been established that neither one of them has ever known anyone else like them, so I guess that’s to be expected.

Then we have Fara who is obviously fully aware of both parties’ true identities. I’m sure she’d like to spell it out for them; I mean, it might make things easier for both of them if they knew someone else in a similar position to confide in. Fara is, however, much too amused by the way they each overlook the other’s gaping holes because they’re too busy trying to cover up their own secret. 

Really, it IS kind of freaking adorable. I just wanna pinch both their cheeks. XD

Final note: Holy crap, a background. I’m never going to hear the end of this…

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
Hey, Ky! You just getting home too?
Ky headshot
Yeah. So that's your uniform, huh? Glad I don't have to wear anything like that.
Rain headshot
Well, you know, the boys wouldn't have to wear skirts.
Ky headshot
Oh, yeah. Of course...
Fara headshot
Oh em gee. They actually can't read each other.
Fara headshot
How... adorable...
Fara headshot
Meet you inside, Rain! Chat as long as you like!
Fara headshot
Maybe you should hit him up for costume ideas or something.
Ky headshot
Costume ideas?
Rain headshot
Yeah, this girl at my school is planning this huge party for Halloween.
Ky headshot
Ky headshot
This might sound weird, but can I go with you when you go costume shopping? I LOVE Halloween!
Rain headshot
Um, I... guess...?

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