Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Mrs. Parker never learns, does she? I mean, come on! She was asking for it that time!

I guess it probably did sound better in her head though.

Transcript Edit

Rain headshot
Aunt Fara. Can I talk to you?
Fara headshot
Of course! Ah... Just wait outside honey. I'll be right there.
Rain headshot
Um... O...kay...?
Ellen headshot
What... was that?
Fara headshot
Look. I'm just not ready to tell her I'm dating yet.
Fara headshot
I didn't date for the last six years because she's not terribly good around new people. I feel like I owe it to her to introduce her to this slowly.
Ellen headshot
Wow. I'm amazed at how considerate you are of her feelings! I mean, that's great, but she's not even your kid, right?
Fara headshot
Ready to go, Rain?
Ellen is knocked out in the background.

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