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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

The return of the Fara vs. Mrs. (Ellen) Parker dynamic. Theoretically, they must be bonding a little bit to still be talking on a first-name basis following the incident on page 29. However, Ellen’s unconsciously rude commentary still drives Fara right up the wall.

And concerning Fara’s lack of luck with internet dating, it’s only been a couple days since she saw Aiken’s commercial, so she hasn’t realistically even been on the site long. Doesn’t stop her from getting frustrated over it, though. 

I only tried internet dating once myself. It didn’t work out well for me either.

Transcript Edit

Ellen headshot
eHEARTyou, huh?
Fara headshot
Ellen headshot
Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that, Fara.
Ellen headshot
I'm surprised you're looking into internet dating though. Must be desperate, huh?
Fara headshot
Fara headshot
Fara headshot
Shut up...
Fara headshot
But I'll have you know, my nephew is marrying a girl he met on this site, so it can't ALL be bogus, right?
Fara headshot
I mean, he's even on the commercial!
Ellen headshot
Is that so? Good for him.
Ellen headshot
And how about you? Any luck?
Fara headshot
You know ehat? Get out of my office.

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