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Leave it to Gavin to mean to say something nice but still manage to sound like a dick in the process.

To clarify the “mask vs. cute costume” argument: they don’t really make a lot of girly costumes that have masks. Guy costumes get masks, gore and weapons. Girl costumes get sex appeal, glitter and accessories. I mean, there are always exceptions of course, but that is the majority.

Ryan probably grew up being stuck with cliché boy costumes his whole life, like reapers and vampires and devils or something. So Rain is longing for the opportunity to finally be something more feminine, like a princess or a faerie or what have you. You know, something cute. Something ultra girly that she couldn’t have ever gotten away with in her childhood.

Said costumes tend to be exceptionally “showy” though. Rain might want one because they’re decidedly girly, but at the same time, fears them for being able to easily out her if she’s not careful.

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Rain headshot
I have to be honest, I'm really very nervous about this Halloween party.
Rain headshot
Maybe I should sit this one out...
Maria headshot
Really? Emily kinda bugs me, but I LOVE Halloween and I LOVE parties, so I'm definitely going! What's the hang up if you don't mind my asking?
Rain headshot
I just... I'm worried about... you know...
Rain headshot
Gavin Headshot
Whoa, wait! YOU - of all people - are worried about playing dress up to convince people that you're something else for a single night...
Gavin Headshot
I'm just saying. My mom knew you before "this" and didn't suspect a thing.
Gavin Headshot
Our classmates? They don't even know what to look for. So you'll be fine.
Gavin Headshot
Besides, you can just wear a mask and no one will know who you are anyway.
Rain headshot
A mask...? But I'd rather wear a cute costume...

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