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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

Emily hates liars. Don’t lie to Emily. Ever.

The irony is that while Rain WAS making excuses to avoid having to go, nothing she actually said was a lie. What? I said Emily hates liars; not that she’s some kind of perfect human lie detector... 

Transcript Edit

Emily headshot
Hey,Rain. Have you gotten one yet?
Rain headshot
A Halloween party? Isn't it a bit early? It's still September.
Emily headshot
Time flies, you know. Besides, it's going to be huge, so it required advanced planning.
Emily headshot
Everyone in the school is going to be there after all.
Rain headshot
E-everyone? I don't know, I'm no good with crowds...
Emily headshot
You do fine in school. And it's all going to be the exact same people.
Rain headshot
But I don't even have a costume...
Emily headshot
Good thing it's only September. That gives you over a month to get one.
Rain headshot
My aunt can be unreliable so I might not be able to get a ride...
Emily headshot
I can arrange a carpool if you like.
Emily headshot
Listen, Rain. It's up to you if you don't want to go, but don't lie to me. Either way, if you don't go, I think you could be missing one of the major highlights of our senior year.
Emily headshot
Think about it.

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