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Synopsis Edit

Author Notes Edit

(Sudden barrage of pages: 1 of 3. It sucks when I can't get online for days...)

I feel like there’s not a lot to say about this last page of the chapter. I admit, it was a little rushed… and it shows.


On a side note, I wish I could get more opportunities to draw Puddle. I feel like it's imperative that I show him every single time there's a scene inside Rain's home.

Transcript Edit

Fara headshot
So, uh... Really sorry about last night.
Fara headshot
I only meant to have one, but you know how I get. Not that that really excuses me.
Rain headshot
Of course.
Fara headshot
Did you stay at Maria's then?
Rain headshot
Gavin's, actually.
Fara headshot
R-really!? How the hell did-...
Fara headshot
No, I gotta focus on one thing at a time...
Rain headshot
I have to say, I'm surprised. You're a lot more coherent than I expected you to be.
Fara headshot
I discovered something that sobered me up.
Rain headshot
And what's that?
Fara headshot
Your brother is eloping.

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