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This was all discussed a while ago, if you recall - [link] Of course, this little revelation hasn't necessarily LOCATED him, but I guess it can be confirmed that he's not dead in a gutter somewhere or something.

And is a parody of eHarmony, in case you didn’t catch on. Dumbest name for something I think I’ve ever come up with. Incidentally, that was actually what made it the optimal choice. ^_^

P.G. Stanton meanwhile is reference to an old work of mine that's both a long and fairly uninteresting story. I suppose I could have just made some play on the ACTUAL eHarmony guy's name, but I didn't have access to the internet the day I made the page and was too lazy to change it later. In the long run, it really doesn't matter though. He's not a significant character; you'll likely never see him again.

Jessica, however... I changed her name probably a dozen times over the past few months that I've planning this page for. Up to and including about ten minutes ago. I guess I'm stuck with Jessica now. 

In closing, hungover Fara and Heather amuses me. Totally nonchalant and unsympathetic Kylie amuses me more. ^_^

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Stanton headshot
At, we make falling in love easier than ever with our...
Ky headshot
Anyone else ever notice that these dating website guys are always by themselves in their own commercial? What's up with that?
Heather headshot
TV too loud!
Fara headshot

knock knock

Ky headshot
I should probably get that. Try not to barf on anything while I'm gone, okay?
Stanton headshot
...but don't just take my word for it. Hear what this happy couple has to say.
Aiken headshot
"I reached a point where I thought I was never going to be happy..."
Fara headshot
Why does that voice sound familiar...?
Aiken headshot
And then I met Jessie through Now I can't imagine ever being unhappy again...
Aiken headshot
...because we're getting married.
Fara headshot
Well... I... found him.

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