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Last retro video game tribute page. I promise. For now...

Actually, I added this miniature arc of the past few pages to the script back at the end of Chapter 3 when Gavin first invited Rain over. I was originally a little stuck coming up with something for them to bond over, thinking video games would be kinda cheesy and might not appeal to many readers. But then a number of comments from people suggested things like, “I bet they’ll just play video games all night and forget all about the whole transsexual thing.” So, I figured I my worries were incorrect; it sounded like approval to me.

Not that anyone’s forgotten anything. But the nice thing about gaming is a little bit of escapism, especially if you’re the sort that gets depressed often or easily (as many transsexuals often are). There’s nothing like being able to take your mind off of the things that bother you in your life, by taking on a different life… even if, as in this case, that is the life of an badass, anthropomorphic frogman.

Originally, I planned to include dialogue in the first 7 panels. Obviously, the lack of room made that kind of impossible. But that’s okay, I think their facial expressions speak volumes here. You can probably imagine your own conversations based on the way they look.

Also, 100 pages! Whoo! XD

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1:00 AM level 2

2:00 AM Level 3

3:00 AM Still Level 3...

4:00 AM Level 5

5:00 AM Level 7

6:00 AM Level 9

7:00 AM Level 11

Game Over A winner is not you.

Gavin Headshot
"Well... crap...
Gavin Headshot
Hey. Look out the window. It's morning. We've been playing all night...
Rain headshot
Oh, wow. Is it weird that I'm not even tired
Rain headshot
I should probably head back now though. I have to make sure Puddle gets fed before he starts freaking out.
Rain headshot
And I GUESS I should make sure Aunt Fara's okay too.

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